Biofreeze 360 Spray - 4oz

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Biofreeze® 360° Cold Therapy Pain Relief Spray. Treats athletic and muscle related injuries, sore or strained muscles, shoulder and arm discomfort, neck, hip and leg pain, back pain, painful joints, sports injury pain, ankle or foot pain, and pain associated with bruising, arthritis and tendonitis.


  • With USP-grade menthol (10%) as the active ingredient, Biofreeze provides highly effective short term pain relief promoting faster recovery
  • Works from any angle…even upside down
  • Eliminates the need to pump, a sometimes painful experience for arthritis sufferers
  • Delivers targeted pain relief with the benefits of cryotherapy
  • Colorless
  • Paraben-Free

Packaging Info: 4 oz. Can

Product ID: BF-12151