Boost Plus Brick Pack

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BOOST PLUS® Complete Nutritional Drink Brikpak of 8oz Cartons, 27/Case. Available in Very Vanilla, Rich Chocolate and Creamy Strawberry flavors.


  • 26 vitamins and minerals, 360 calories
  • Antioxidants (selenium, vitamins C & E and beta carotene) to help support a healthy immune system
  • Contains CalciLock™ blend of essential nutrients to help support bone health
  • 14 g high-quality protein to help maintain muscle
  • 3 g of PREBIO¹™, a blend of prebiotic fibers designed to help promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and support a healthy digestive system
  • Caloric density of 1.5 kcal/mL
  • NPC:N Ratio: 139:1
  • 15% of calories as protein
  • Protein Source: milk protein concentrate, calcium and sodium caseinates, soy protein isolate
  • For Adults
  • Appropriate for: Lactose intolerance*, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher


NOT FOR PARENTERAL USE. This product is a medical food intended for use under medical supervision. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Packaging Info: 27 x 8oz Tetra Briks® (like a juice box) per case

Product ID: BP-4390093***