Passy-Muir PMV 2000 Clear Valve

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Passy-Muir® PMV 2000 Tracheostomy and Ventilator Swallowing & Speaking Valve - Clear, Low Profile, Lower Resistance

The PMV 2000 (Clear) (15mm I.D./23mm O.D.) is lightweight and opens with even less resistance than the original PMVs. Its clear design and lower profile offers less visibility for the more ambulatory patient, although it can also be used in-line with mechanical ventilators in conjunction with non-disposable, flexible rubber tubing.

  • Closed Position “No Leak” Design Restores a Closed Respiratory System
  • Improves Speech Production
  • Improves Swallowing and May Reduce Aspiration
  • Facilitates Secretion Management
  • Facilitates Weaning
  • Expedites Decannulation
  • Improves Olfaction
  • Promotes Better Hygiene
  • Ventilator Application

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Product ID: PMV2000

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